Tray Passenger Monitoring System (TPMS)

A step change in passenger and baggage screening 
TPMS is an inline CCTV based solution that monitors which passengers have had contact or put items into a screening tray.
Monitors all passenger-tray interactions.
Enables risk-based screening.
Passenger flow is not interrupted.
Enables smart resource planning.

A real-time tray montoring system

TPMS is powerful, but simple and efficient to integrate, system that only requires a small number of cameras and a TPMS server.

Additional Features

TPMS has a number of additional features designed to help you further automate your security lane process.

Tray Hygiene

Detects if any items are not placed completely within a screening tray.


Provides options for real-time tray/passenger tagging and warns the operator should anything enter a tray that cant be associated to a person.

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